announces Seahorse 1.3 release at 2016 Strata+Hadoop World NY announces Seahorse 1.3 release at 2016 Strata+Hadoop World NY


Latest version of’s flagship Big Data product now features Spark 2.0 support, external Spark clusters, and custom operations and notebooks in R. is proud to announce the launch of Seahorse 1.3, the latest version of its scalable data analytics workbench powered by Apache Spark, at Strata+Hadoop World NY 2016 conference. Seahorse allows data scientists to visually design, edit and execute Spark applications using a Web-based, code-free UI.

New features in Seahorse 1.3 include: support for Spark 2.0, quick and easy connections to external Spark clusters, custom operations and Notebooks in R and a file library. These improvements will allow data scientists to benefit from up to 10x query speed-up, the ability to quickly connect to and work on multiple external clusters, improved expressiveness with R code snippets and Notebooks as well as, easier transfer of files between local machines and Spark clusters. 

Download your copy of Seahorse 1.3 here.

Seahorse 1.3 is available as an app on Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) and IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench, two of the world’s most popular open-source platforms for advanced analytics and machine learning solutions. will unveil Seahorse, release 1.3 at the Strata+Hadoop World Conference 2016 to be held at New York City’s Javits Center. During the conference, will also announce its brand-new product - Neptune - an IT platform-based machine learning experiment management solution for data scientists.  


About creates deep learning solutions for enterprises. The award-winning team of data scientists and engineers delivers state-of-the-art deep learning, machine learning and Big Data analytics.’s flagship product Seahorse, a scalable data analytics workbench powered by Apache Spark, helps data scientists work more efficiently and intuitively by visually designing, editing and executing Spark applications. Neptune,’s the newest technology, is a machine learning platform designed to efficiently manage and monitor data science experiments. The company also runs on-site corporate machine learning and Big Data workshops offering intensive, fully customizable training programs. 

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World premiere of Neptune -’s new machine learning platform for managing data science experiments announced the launch of Neptune - its innovative machine learning platform for managing multiple data science experiments. The premiere took place at the inaugural A.I. Conference (September 26-27) as well as this year’s Strata + Hadoop World (September 27-29), both being held in New York City.